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Creative Strategist & Project Manager working with web and mobile.


I'm a Creative Strategist working with web and mobile - project and concept design, delivery and online marketing strategy.

Previous projects of mine include developing Kisky Netmedia as a creative services company, delivering various freelance projects, designing and promoting, an award winning SMS service and working as a consutlant to the Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (UK).

I am particularly interested in word of mouth marketing, online PR and spin, and using social software.

I'm currently managing a new project to develop localised content, community and hype for a hot new online nightlife service in the Netherlands and further afield.


creativity, innovation, concept design, user experience design, online tools, mylifeonline, blogs, communication, social software, mobile, open mobile, mobile user expereince, mobile marketing, phones, tones, handheld, technology, SMS, video, youtube, making things, learning dutch, writing.