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Disgusted with the way the web has turned out so far as it deviates wildly from his own vision, I thought the best part of Ted's talk was the image he conjured of him arguing with Tim Berners Lee about almost everything.

I thought it was amusing that, because you told him you have a blog, & use Upcoming and Flickr, Ted said that that you 'must be fashionably in the swing' and in the 'upper crust'

How many people in the audience must have felt admonished at that point - I did for one - as his tone suggested that he wasn't easily impressed with such johnny-come-lately applications (well they keep *us* all happy!).

Ted Nelson is the progenitor of so many concepts in our field that we take for granted. I feel that Ted's insights are valuable and that there is a stubborness about him (which may be understandable) that prevents him becoming fully engaged in such things as documenting them in a blog, or immersing in folksonomy, as if he is working on a much higher plane and considers such things trivial.

So are we on the 'crust' of the internet whilst Ted Nelson's at the throbbing molten core? in which case - to really drag out the metaphor - the 'eruption' may be coming soon - maybe this is what he was alluding to with his tantalising promise that he had a 'christmas present for the world'

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